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SolarShield Metal Roofing – Never Roof Again, GUARANTEED!

Standing Seam Metal RoofMediterranean Style
Standing Seam Metal Roof

Why have thousands of Florida homeowner's chosen SolarShield Metal Roofing to install a Lifetime Metal Roof? Our reputation for one.

SolarShield Metal Roofing has won many Excellent Customer Service awards from third party Contractor Rating Services such as Angie's List.

Our previous customers speak volumes about the way we have delivered exactly what was promised. As one Angie's List review said, It is extremely hard to find a contractor who cares so much. At SolarShield, we know what you want and we can deliver! No bull, no mess, no headaches, no short cuts, no under trained and under insured idiots on your property.

We offer you only excellence in metal roofing in a profession that is largely comprised of un-professional people. (Sad to say, but it's true).

100% + Price Guarantee: Want to make sure that you are getting the best deal on your new metal roof? We not only give you a Price Guarantee in writing, but we will also pay you an additional $250 if you can find it for less! Nobody beats SolarShield Metal Roofing prices. NOBODY!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If another Florida roofing company installs a new roof for you, and you are not satisfied, what's your remedy? Court? Legal fees, time, energy and headaches? If you are not 100% satisfied with your new SolarShield Metal Roof, we will refund 100% of your money to you. Talk about putting our money where our mouth is! We call this Risk Reversal.

25% Energy Savings Guarantee: A SolarShield Metal Roof System is the most insulated metal roof available today. Our patented, insulated metal roofing system includes both insulation and radiant barrier, all in one! A SolarShield Metal Roofing System can lower your attic temperatures by as much as 60 degrees, and the interior of your home by as much as 10 degrees. This gives you're a/c and your wallet a break

Free Service For A Lifetime: At SolarShield Metal Roofing, when we say LIFETIME METAL ROOFING, we mean it! There's never a charge for service, labor, materials, trip fees or anything else, EVER! We will fix, replace or repair any area that fails at no charge to you. Install a SolarShield Metal Roof and you'll never spend another penny on your roof again.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty: We feel so strong about the quality of the installation and the materials used in your new metal roof that we are willing to offer a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. A SolarShield Metal Roof System adds re-sale value to your home, making our metal roofs an investment, not an expense!

Energy Savings, Return On Investment,
Looks, Durability and Safety all in one.
We challenge you to find another
Florida roofer who offers you so much!

Benefits of a Solarshield Metal Roofing System:
  • Strong
    Our years of metal roofing experience have lead us to design and engineer a metal roofing system unlike any other roofing solution today. With our exclusive, built-in hurricane reinforcement strapping and Double Fastening installation, a SolarShield Metal Roof will protect your home and your loved ones in case of a Hurricane. How strong is a SolarShield Metal Roofing System? So strong that your homeowner's insurance company will give you a discount for having a SolarShield Metal Roofing System installed. Talk about a nice added benefit!
  • Durable
    A SolarShield Metal Roof will last a lifetime, PLUS! We guarantee in writing that it will be the last penny you ever spend on your roof again. This is investment grade roofing!
  • Beautiful
    SolarShield offers many styles, textures, profiles and colors of metal roofing. No longer are you limited to the barn look of yesterday's metal roofing styles. Want to turn your home into a Spanish Villa? We offer you multiple choices in metal tile profiles and textures. Want a Key West look? We can do that too! Want a metal shake or shingle? Talk about Curb Appeal!
  • Protection!
    A SolarShield Metal Roof is the most hurricane, tornado and fire resistant metal roof available today. Why not protect your home and loved ones the best you can
  • Investment Grade
    Why spend money on a new metal roof when you can invest in a SolarShield Insulated Metal Roof? What do we mean by this? When you spend money on a shingle roof or even a basic metal roof, you'll never get your money back. By investing in a SolarShield Insulated Metal Roof, you will not only get your money back, but you will actually make money over time! That is exactly how an investment should work. A SolarShield Insulated Metal Roof pays you back each and every month, year after year. Lowering your ever increasing power bills, lowering your homeowner's insurance cost, increasing your homes value, qualifying for power company & Federal Tax Incentives and guaranteeing you'll never have to replace your roof again are all financial benefits that make investing in a SolarShield Insulated Metal Roof System such a wise decision.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    When you invest in a SolarShield Metal Roofing System, you Go GREEN. Thousands of shingle roofs must be stripped each year, filling up our land fills with petroleum based products that are no good for our environment. With SolarShield Metal Roofing, you do it once and it's done forever!


The Solarshield Difference

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  • Frank McKinney has been serving Florida-FL residents for over 25 years
  • Voted 27th in the nation by Remodelers Magazine
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • 5 Star Service Pledge
  • 100% Written Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Service Pledge - Includes Labor and Parts
  • 25% Guaranteed Fuel Savings
  • Easy Financing
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 20,000 Florida-FL Roofing customers
  • Homeowners Insurance discount

Serving the citizens of the State of Florida-FL in Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater and the surrounding areas.