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Clearwater Metal Roof SystemsMetal Roof System

Our metal roof systems take the proven energy-efficiency and strength of standard steel roofs to the next level, using a patented installation system. This innovation has the attention of thousands of home and business owners who have experienced the improvement. There may be no state better suited than Florida, to take advantage of this giant leap forward in metal roofs.

The incredible durability stems from how our metal roof systems are bonded to the building structure. It eliminates the single largest problem with other steel roofing: inadequate securing to the existing construction. By its nature, metal expands and contracts slightly when temperature changes. This is no problem at all, unless it has not been properly positioned and secured with this characteristic in mind.

We've engineered errors out and have eliminated the need for replacement. Our metal roof systems are designed to be secure and intelligently incorporate the characteristics of the material.

Metal Roof Insulation and Sealing

Our patented metal roof systems have a unique secondary water barrier and layers of sealants. These metal roofing advantages seal out heavy rain, strong wind and extreme weather. You get not one, but two radiant layers that "sandwich" a dense foam layer. All three of these insulating and protective layers are bonded to the roof deck. Then, it is attached to the wall with approved hurricane straps to complete the system. It reflects back all but a small percentage of rays from the sun.

Independent testing of metal roofing discovered it knocked 35 cents off of every dollar spent on air conditioning when it is properly insulated and installed. Remember, we have engineered out the possibility for installation error with our metal roof systems. We are so confident in our product and our skill, we guarantee you'll save at least 25 percent on your AC bill.

Wind Resistance

Wind is among the greatest Florida roofing challenges. Our metal roof systems withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 155 miles per hour. The toughest hurricane construction standards in the nation are in Miami-Dade, Florida. We don't just meet those building codes, we exceed them.

Metal outperforms other roofing materials in tropical winds. The first kind of roofing to peel off in tropical storms is asphalt shingles. Even in a thunderstorm, shingles come loose, and so does slate and tile. It's not about weight; it's about how wind is driven under the material and forces it up and away. This is called "the peeling effect."

Metal roof systems are designed to discourage water absorption, which significantly reduces water damage from hurricane-force rain. Plus it cannot be penetrated by hail. Tampa weather is hard on asphalt shingle. It cuts the average lifetime by one-fourth. Asphalt begins to deteriorate as soon as it goes up. The "grains" end up clogging gutters.

Our metal roof systems will never decompose and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. While asphalt shingles may only last for 20-30 years before replacement is necessary, steel roofs can last for up to 100. It will be the last roof you ever need to install.

Metal Roof Systems Tampa BayMetal Roof Systems Tampa Bay

5-star rating - Our metal roof systems have earned the highest possible Energy Star® rating. This can make you eligible for any available tax credits and keeps you cooler for less.

Quiet - Metal roof systems are not noisy, and a new study at a University in Sweden proves it. The acoustics researchers concluded that metal does not register significantly higher sound levels than shingles. Our patented installation, and the layers of sheathing, absorb and muffle sound. In an asphalt roof, all that stands between you and noise is a layer of tar paper and the shingle. Which is the better investment?

We proudly install metal roof systems in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and all of the surrounding communities.