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We offer a variety of professional metal roofing services that will give you peace of mind for as long as you own your home. You will be protected from the fiercest Tampa bay weather. You will see your AC bill drop by 25 percent in most cases. You will get a break on your insurance premium. And you will be backed by a lifetime warranty by an established company that really cares.

Since 2000, our metal roofing services has used only the best material to cover your home: galvanized steel. Our primary services:

Our metal roof types include a range of standing seam, exposed fastener and barrel tile-styles that are installed as a comprehensive system. You don't just get the surface metal. Our metal roofing services offer you a three-layer insulation barrier, a secondary water shield, and top-quality flashings around edges and valleys. And that's just the beginning.

We Solve Roofing Problems and Prevent New Ones

We are not the metal roofing service to call when you want to patch a few leaks and be done with it. We want to show you how a new metal roof installation can turn your topside into a waterproof barrier that lasts a lifetime. It is far more affordable than you think and the benefits save you money over the long run.

Wind - If your insurance is up for renewal, you may need to get a wind mitigation study. Our metal roofing service offers this for free - a $6,500 value. When you do metal roof replacement, we will make sure your entire deck is re-nailed to meet the current code. The roof will be strapped properly to the exterior walls of your home. No detail will be left to chance. The result? A roof that will stay put even in 155 MPH winds. And you will pay, on average, 50 percent less on your annual homeowner's insurance premium.

Water - Our metal roofing services ensure the right balance of flexibility and fastness to prevent leaks. You will get a complete barrier that rain and humidity cannot penetrate. Hail bounces right off. The metal itself is further protected with multiple layers of factory-installed coatings that won't chip, crack or degrade.

Heat-protection - Metal is highly reflective of the sun's rays, making it a great choice for relentless Florida summers. The combination of steel, radiant barrier insulation and expert metal roof installation will keep your AC bills about 25 percent lower. Your HVAC system won't strain or wear out faster than it should.

St. Petersburg Metal RoofingSt. Petersburg Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Replacement

Many people turn to our metal roofing services because they are experiencing some type of problem with their existing rooftop. Our licensed team will eliminate those issues forever. Whether you have asphalt shingle, tile, wood, or old-style metal, we want to help.

If you really want to make an investment in your home, call us. We are so confident in our metal roofing service we will refund your money within 30 days if you are not entirely satisfied. And while repairs are rare, we will make them for free for as long as the roof stands. Our transferrable warranty lasts a lifetime, so you stay 100 percent protected from rain, wind, hail sun and humidity at all times.

Call now and learn more about our premium metal roofing services in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and the entire Gulf Coast.