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We had a solarshield roof installed about three years ago. It’s been a great investment, the house is kept cool in the summer and the roof has done well in tropical storms. Frank is very attentinve and availabe for any issues that you might have. We are very happy.

Chris Sganga,
Miami, FL

The crew and Frank McKinney finished our metal roof and wind mitigation work on time and on budget! They followed through with every promise made in their bid, and were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. Everyone from the office staff to the owner was friendly and willing to answer questions. These true professionals did the job right, removing all old roofing materials and making repairs as needed. Our insurance inspector was impressed with their work. This will translate into a big savings on homeowners policy. Our first untiltiy bill after the roof was installed was 25% less than normal. Highly recommend Solarshield Industries to anyone considering a metal roof!

T. Welch,
Ocala, FL

Not only a good installer but stands behind the work they do and even took over the warranty from Permaguard who went out of business for me.

S. Magnus,
Tampa, FL

I am very happy with my new roof from Solar Shield.

Our story begins with the night Frank (the owner) came to our home to talk about the product, and to measure our roof for an estimate. There was a really heavy downpour that started shortly after his arrival, and unfortunately, he got a first-hand view of all of the leaks in our house, including a new one that sprang in our hallway.

Although the price was not cheap (hey, what do you expect – it’s a metal roof), my husband and I wanted a very long-term solution to our roofing issues, since our asphalt shingle roof was only about 15 years old, and several large sections had been replaced over the years.We went with the galvanized steel color on our historic 1910 home, and it goes very well with the historic character of the house. We also used the financing option through the bank that Solar Shield works with, and that process was pretty painless.

Frank was wonderful to work with, as well as the crew he had performing the installation. Each night before the crew left, they would go over our yard with a magnet to pick up any loose metal, nails, etc. I don’t have a fence in my yard, so occasionally, some loose boards and materials creeped into my neighbor’s yard, but my husband and I just slid it back into our yard with no issues – but overall they kept the work site fairly organized and clean.

One night when we got home, we noticed that the flashing they were using was a bit wider than we envisioned it being, and it was covering over some of the open eaves and architectural details of our home. We quickly called Frank who came out the next day to hear our concerns. Even though it was late in the evening, he ran over to the dumpster, pulled some flashing, fabricated a less-wide version and had someone on the roof hold it up for us to see if that was more in-line with our vision. It was, and so Frank made it so. It delayed our job by a few days so the flashing could be removed, and the new flashing ordered and installed, but it was well worth the wait.

I would happily recommend Solar Shield. They not only replaced a ton of rotten wood on our home, but also gave us a product that we are happy with. We just got called from the local historic district board, and they bestowed upon us the “Outstanding Historic Restoration of the Month” award for our new roof…so we are not the only ones who are happy with the way it turned out. Metal Roof Reviews

Kelly LaFollette,
Ocala, FL