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A wind mitigation inspection determines whether you get a discount on your homeowner's insurance - or pay a lot more. The inspection is required by most insurance companies writing policies in the State of Florida. As a licensed, certified building contractor, SolarShield is authorized to perform the inspections you need. In fact, we can offer it to you free!

Along the gulf coast, a hefty portion of what you pay for homeowners' insurance is related to wind damage. Reduce the odds of damage and you will reduce the windstorm portion of your premium. By law (Florida Statute 627.0629), you must be offered discounts or credits to your premium if you strengthen your home against tropical-force winds.

Insurance companies, therefore, need to know whether your roof will stand strong in 155 mile-per-hour winds, the kind associated with hurricanes. They want to make sure wind-driven rain can't get underneath the surface and cause damage.

To reduce your risk, you need a wind mitigation inspection by a certified general contractor or architect. Among other things, this specialist will look at the construction methods used to install your roof, whether it is new or old:

  • The number, size and spacing of nails that secure the roofing material to the deck
  • The shape and slope of your roof
  • A secondary water resistance barrier
  • Whether you have sufficient hurricane straps or clips holding the roof edges to the supporting walls

The wind mitigation inspection takes about an hour and you can often get a check directly from your insurer.

Tampa Bay Wind MitigationTampa Bay Wind Mitigation

Free Wind Mitigation Inspection

We at SolarShield Roofing know how important a wind mitigation report is to your safety and home value. We offer a complete wind mitigation inspection - a $6,500 value - for free. It includes strapping the roof to the supporting walls, re-nailing the entire roof deck to meet the updated building code, and installing a secondary water barrier.

In addition we will fill out and authorize the wind mitigation report to your insurance provider, and provide photos of our certified work.

Tampa wind mitigation inspections should be very thorough and comprehensive. And that is the only kind we offer. We are a metal roofing services company that has been in the bay area for more than 10 years. We know what can happen when you don't protect your home from high winds. We are so sure our metal roof systems offer lifetime protection from high winds that we offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Our metal roof replacement will pass any wind mitigation inspection and earn you a discount of up to 50 percent* on your insurance premium.

Call now to schedule your wind mitigation in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the entire area.

*Subject to conditions